Wedding Invites Go Digital


Imagine this! A couple that lives and breathes the glitz and glamor of the Los Angeles Indian Wedding Planning scene, is about to take the plunge. They have seen it all and been a part of it all. In short, it's a tall order to take their breath away, especially when it comes to weddings. They approached us to build their wedding website. And we, at EXPRESEO Web Design, happily took on the daunting task of impressing them.

The parameters were simple. The site had to reflect their personalities - California cool, glitzy and chic and fun! No bulky, snail mail invites for these forward thinking lovebirds. They wanted a digital invite to go with their laid-back, fun wedding in Mexico. And that is exactly what we gave them.

Pinks, grays, gold and clean lines kept the site modern and glitzy without being over-the-top. Their very own customized logo and matching artwork gave the site a branded look. We included Dates and Times, Schedule of Events and Dress Code and Hotel & Travel Info on the site. Guests will book their hotel rooms and shuttle service directly from the site. We built in the RSVP on the site with responses automatically populating Google Docs (i.e. less work for the already busy couple). But most importantly, we pulled all these elements together to give our couple what they really wanted - a digital invitation that looked as amazing as a hand-held one. 


And, in return, we got two (four, actually!) enthusiastic thumbs up from our lovely couple. Mission accomplished!

Congrats Neema and Ajay. Here's to new beginnings!

The Expreseo team created the perfect website for our wedding. We asked for something and we got something even better. Listening and delivering are two things that are very rare in business's these days. Thank you so much to the Expreseo team for creating the perfect site for our wedding.
- Ajay Manaktala, Groom at

Bhargavi Modi Lodhia

EXPRESEO, 415 Amwell Rd, Suite 204, Hillsborough Township, NJ, 08844, United States

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